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How it started and about the founder

 I have always been interested in animals. After working voluntary on a farm (field of dreams) I gained first hand experience with animal care and took a huge liking to every animal, this then led me on to buying two of my own rabbits which is where I believe my animal caring career started. Always having pets such as dogs, geckos, guinea pigs and rabbits throughout my life meant I was always experiencing the wonderful friendship you gain between a human and an animal. Developing my career further I then started to work for Marlows (Pets and Aqautics)  in order to gain more experience with animals, learning how to care for, clean out, feed and enrich for them in a professional enviroment. This also gave me some experience with customers. After this I worked at East Anglian Dog Training and Grooming where I learned more about the business side of animal care. Alongside these jobs I boarded and pet sat for friends and family which is when I discovered my love of boarding. 

This then spurred me on to launching Crown Pet Care, I can now do what I love while helping my local community as well as their pets.

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